Purposeful photography, fueled by passion for simplicity

Purposeful photography, fueled by passion for simplicity

Pricing Packages

Real Estate

Starting at $150

You worked hard to get that listing, now it's time to tell the story with amazing photos. In the starter package you will receive a minimum of 20 professionally edited photos. I offer other Real Estate Packages that include aerials and virtual twilight.


Starting at $100

There is something special about seeing something from the air. It gives an immersive perspective that you will love! You will receive a minimum of 6-9 images that will give an accurate perspective of your subject.

Pet Portraits

Contact me

Pets speak to our souls when they are doing things they love to do. Often times the best pet photo comes at the most unexpected moment. Contact me to discuss.


I met Michael on one of his walks in nature. He asked if I wanted to join him. We got to talking about life, hopes and dreams He is just so easy to talk to that I ended up telling him my life story. Later that evening Michael sent me a photo from our walk. It was a photo of me, it was just beautiful. He captured everything I am and the women I will become.

Rebecca Francis